Hornbeam Primary School


How we use our Sports Premium at Hornbeam Primary

The Sports Premium is a government grant for schools to improve the provision of PE and increase participation in sport

In 2016/17 year we will receive £9,037 Sports Premium.

The table below sets out what we aim to achieve with this funding, the actions we are taking and the impact they have had.


 Aim Actions taken to achieve this aim Impact of actions taken to date
To improve the engagement of pupils in regular physical activity

 1. Sports Assistant employed to run free sports clubs after school every night.

Overall Cost £4,800

See clubs page for details of activities on offer.

In Term 3 2017 50% of children in the school participated in a free sports club.

To improve the physical fitness of children in the school

1. Commission Premier Sports to deliver the Golden Mile scheme throughout the 2016-17 school year.

2. Each child in school given target of running 50 miles.

3. Children to record distances achieved and celebrate milestones.

Overall Cost £2,700

 100% children participating in the Golden Mile scheme.

To provide additional challenge to more physically able pupils

1. Release PE Coordinator and Sports Assistant to organise inter and intra school competitions

2. Provision of a Golden Mile club so more able runners can challenge themselves further after school.

Overall Cost £ 450

Selected children competed in Dover Swimming Gala.

School Football Team competing in local league and cup competitions.

8 children represented the school at dodgeball

144 children (61%) participated in at least one  intra-school competitive event in Term 3 2017
24 talented runners represented their house teams in Cross Country competition

To increase confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE

School has engaged Premier Sports coaches to team teach PE lessons with school staff in selected curriculum areas where teachers lack confidence.


Overall Cost £2,400

 PE curriculum is broader with a wider range of sports being taught.

Quality of gymnastics teaching improving.