Hornbeam Primary School


Early Reading and Writing Through Phonics

Phonics is one approach we take to the teaching of early reading and writing. The DfE Validated Phonics Program that we use is Little Wandle.and this forms the basis of our phonics planning during children's first years at Hornbeam.  We enrich this curriculum with a spelling programme taught in discrete sessions.  We foster a love of reading (Learn to Love learning, to live life better) from the start.  Sharing quality texts and modelling positive reading behaviours. The use of phonics is encouraged and utilised to form the building blocks of early writing. 

To help parents explore the world of phonics with children at home, here are some great websites

Letters and Sounds - interactive games for all phases of phonics development

Phonics Play - Free games across the phonics stages. There is a subscription fee to access even more

BBC Bitesize - Video clips from BBC programmes exploring phonics and reading

ICT Games - A selection of phonics and other literacy games

In Year R and  Key Stage 1 children are carefully guided in their choice of reading book. We use books from different reading schemes to make sure there is a variety of books to choose from.  We use a book banding system to ensure these books closely match the children's ability. We match reading books to phonics phases in the Early Years and Year 1 until fluency is secure and as they progress move on to Accelerated Reader Bands.

Independent Reading at Hornbeam

Accelerated Reader

We have a well stocked library of fiction and non-fiction books. When they are judged to have reached a good level of independence in reading, children are encouraged to choose their own books from our library. All our fiction books are part of the Accelerated Reader scheme, which is an online tool we use to inspire and motivate our 'free readers' to choose challenging and interesting books. .

When they have completed a book children are asked to complete an online quiz to see how well they have understood what they have just read. This helps us ensure your child is choosing books appropriately and making progress with their reading.

As parents you can use the AR Bookfinder website to look for books in our library that your child is interested in reading. To do this enter the keycode GG588517 in the box at the top left of the web page.

 Click here to visit the Bookfinder Website 

You can also search for other books by title or author to see if they are part of the Accelerated Reader scheme. This could help you choose books to buy at home that will count on our Accelerated Reader scheme and allow your child to take quizzes on at school. 

You can  also log in to the Accelerated Reader Home Connect area and see how your child is
doing with their reading. Use the username and password that has been sent home by letter.

Click here to visit the Home Connect Website

Home Reading letter for parents- Little Wandle