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How do I apply for a place at Hornbeam Primary School?

Primary Admissions for September intakes to Hornbeam Primary School are arranged through the Local Authority. Please contact the school in the first instance and we will be happy to help you with the process.  Full details can be found on the KCC website.

In year admissions or transfers are organised via the school so please contact us, if you wish to change schools or are moving to the area and we will be happy to help. In year admission forms can be found via the KCC website link or here, to download a form click here

September 2022 Admissions: 

Due to COVID restrictions and Lockdowns parents of children starting school in September 2022 are invited in the first instance, to view a virtual tour. We are currently arranging tours from September 2021 and will provide dates as soon as possible. 

A huge thanks to a local media student who has given up her time to support our school in producing a virtual tour to new parents. She has done a fantastic job and  we are very proud to be able to support a GCSE student in enabling their dream. The floating Hornbeam is to cover the faces of certain children who cannot be filmed but we did not wish to disturb their learning when video recording was taking place. I hope this gives you a little taster of what we have to offer at Hornbeam.  

If you have any additional questions please do contact the School Office on 01304 374033 or office@hornbeam.kent.sch.uk .  

We look forward to meeting you!

Hornbeam Prospectus 

Government guidance on Admissions code can be found here
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