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For the latest news on the proposed Multi Academy Trust for 7 schools in Deal


  • FAQ's across the 7 schools.
  • FAQ's from the green Hornbeam consultation response forms from parents
  • Invitation to parent meeting- all DEALT schools. Click here.
  • Hornbeam's position- message from Mrs Westmorland
  • Additional Questions 18th June 2018
  • Letter about the Scheme of Delegation click here
  • Draft Scheme of Delegation for the Multi Academy Trust click here
  • Minutes from meeting 19th June 2018 click here
  • DEALT Timeline click here 5th July 2018
  • Letter to parents 5th July 2018 click here
  • 20th July 2018: Schools close for the Summer holiday.
  • DEALT Steering group minutes 2nd July 2018
  • Letter to parents 14th September 2018
  • The Articles of Association Click here for articles.
  • DEALT Finance document shared at the parent meeting and accompanying notes regarding finance 19th September 2018
  • DEALT Steering group minutes July 17th 2018
  • DEALT Steering group minutes September 11th 2018
  • DEALT Steering group minutes September 25th 2018
  • Finance Frequently asked questions click here.
  • Questions from parents November 2018 click here
  • Letter from Keith Abbott Kent County Council click here
  • Reply to Keith Abbot from DEALT 24th July 2018 click here
  • Reply 2 to Keith Abbott from DEALT 5th September 2018 click here
  • DEALT Joint Full Governing Body Meeting minutes 2nd October 2018
  • DEALT Steering group minutes October 9th 2018
  • DEALT Steering group minutes  October 30th  2018
  • Deal Parent Meeting- Articles Focus minutes September 25th 2018 click here
  • Deal Parent Meeting- Finance Focus minutes September 13th 2018 click here
  • DEALT Steering group minutes November 13th 2018
  • DEALT position as of 23/11/18-

    The latest news regarding the Multi Academy Trust proposal (DEALT) is that all of the Governing Bodies of the seven schools involved have agreed to continue to work through the academisation process.
    To support the schools as they move towards conversion a legal team and a Chief Finance Officer have been engaged to work alongside the Steering group and Project Manager.
    Further minutes and documents have recently been added to each school's website and will continue to be in the future.